To Marika, by Gurranq, The Beast Clergyman

O God-Queen Marika, who on the brink
Didst shatter Elden Ring to which thou’rt vessel
And Golden Order from the Will unlink,
Wherefore betrayest me thy loyal vassal?

Or lov’dst thou not thy son Godwyn the Golden
From whom bright beams of golden bliss did shine,
When thou bad’st Ranni’s fell black knives be molten,
Conspiring most horrendous schemes of thine?

And I, thy brother, shadow and thy beast,
Once Maliketh whom demigods would fear,
Only on loathsome death roots shall now feast,
Delirious, lodged on eastern lands austere.

May th’ Greater Will forgive thy wrongful conduct,
Or else thy guideless Grace beget’th no product.